# 26 Bringing Up Bumble
breathing in the scent of my baby's head since 2009. GIVEAWAY!!! WIN A FREE CAPETEE FROM LEAP OF FAITH CLOTHING
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# 27 ohdeardrea
eats real food. likes things organized. makes things by hand. raises daughter alone.
85  71   

# 28 Philosophy & Mommy Matters
I'm passionate about philosophy, but after having my girls I'm even more passionate about Mommy Matters. Finding the answers behind mothering questions. Including: cloth diapering, homemade babyfood, and all the other daily baby conundrums.

# 29 a sorta fairytale
My life is dirty diapers, tantrums, messes, and whining. But it's also smiles, giggles, cuddles, and pure happiness. And I wouldn't trade it all for even the most perfect fairytale. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
# 30 Southern Mommas Reviews
Product Reviews & Giveaways

# 31 Letters To Reesie
These are the brutally honest, not always pretty, sometimes hilarious adventures of a first time working Mama, her hubs, her new daughter, and her doggy dog.

# 32 :: a gray rainbow ::
a mommy-daddy-baby-and everything inbetween blog.

# 33 Baby Talk without the Babble
I'm a mom on a road called 'Diagnosis.' And it's bumpy, with sharp bends, turns, and autism signs.

# 34 Mrs. Beach Bride
Momma to Sullivan, wife to a dental student, learning as we go and takings lots of pictures along the way.

# 35 BabyRules.me
Sharing parenthood experiences, in less conventional perspective. With lots of humor, as we see it...

# 36 me and my baby
An insane mom, studying to be a Pediatrician, fighting to document every inch of life & trying to throw a simple life style on the blend!
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